Specific Soft Tissue Treatment Will Speed Up Your Healing Time

We offer a variety of hands-on techniques that aid in decreasing your pain.

Have You Heard Of Functional Range Conditioning?

If you have ever experienced a feeling of being "too tight" around joints and have been told that "It's normal, you're getting older" we have a plan for you to regain control of your life!

FRC is a comprehensive joint training system that focuses on mobility development and enhancing stability and strength throughout the entire range of motion. These training points are interrelated and are obtained simultaneously resulting in optimum body control for all ages.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobility

If you've ever experienced pain or a loss of full range of motion from a sprain, strain, or muscle tear this treatment method is for you. Bringing you a non-invasive tool that helps speed up recovery time. Lingering injuries may reduce range of motion and slight loss of muscular strength. Let us help you improve your body's response to healing with proven methods.

Many scientific studies have shown the effects of this treatment include: improved range of motion, decrease pain, and restore muscular strength.

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What our clients have to say


Justin Fernandez

Greatly enjoyed my initial visit with Dr. Mueen Ghoury. He took the time to walk me through some exercises and adjustments to help with a specific problem area. They are a very passionate and knowledgeable team. I will definitely be returning, and highly recommend them.


Tatiana Kitchens

I was looking for something different than my traditional chiropractor, as that never seemed to help me progress. I have a few pain issues including an injury in my knee, and a chronic shoulder pain that worsens with computer use. From the beginning, Dr. Reuben has been so helpful and attentive to what I have going on. In 6 weeks my knee feels ready to take on the world, and my shoulder pain has progressively dissipated. I've been seeing a chiropractor for 20 years, and this practice is my favorite.


Bernard Kim

I've had the pleasure of being treated by both Dr. Ruben and Dr. Mueen, and can always count on them for the right advice + treatment therapies to get me back to doing what I love. I've had a nagging shoulder injury that had been coming and going for years since my teen years playing lacrosse. From their chiropractic adjustments, stability rehab programs, and other manual therapy techniques, I can now confidently lift weights and carry out my days without worrying about my shoulder.


Jon Morrison

Dr. Mueen and Dr. Ruben are fantastic chiropractors. Their attention to detail and passion for serving patients is clear and refreshing. I highly recommend their work to anyone in the Santa Rosa area.

Get The Treatment You Need So You Can Feel Great Again

Get soft tissue treatment to get you moving again.

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