Too many people live each day with pain because they've never been treated correctly. Let Santa Rosa chiropractors Drs. Mueen and Ruben help you achieve optimal physical function.

We provide the treatment you need to achieve the results you want. We do our best to help you enjoy life again. Whether that means being able to run a marathon, play a full round of golf pain-free, or enjoy playing with your grandchildren, we will get you back to doing the things you love. Santa Rosa community members deserve to enjoy the beautiful outdoor activities we have available to us, we believe we can keep you healthy year round to enjoy any weather.

We Empower You To Take Care Of Your Own Body

We believe that proper chiropractic should empower you to be an independent, self-sustaining person. To do this, you need to be guided to the correct at home exercises and stretches, by someone who knows what your goals are. This allows you to maintain a healthy, active life. If you are moving well, feeling good and are able to do everything you love to do, there is no reason to come in all the time.

Injuries Are Still A Part Of Life. But They Don't Have To Dominate Your Story.

When you do get hurt, however, we will be right here to help you make a full recovery and get you back to life as it was. We partner with you to correct any damage caused by years of injuries or trauma to your body.

Don't let nagging injuries or the wear and tear of everyday steal your joy in life. Book yourself in today. Whether you are looking for pain relief, long term correction, or personal maintenance, we have the care plan for you. We pride ourselves on listening to our patients and conducting an in-depth examination before treatment.

We partner with your primary care practitioner to make sure everyone involved on your case are using therapies to progress you in the right direction, pain-free.

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How We Make Sure You Get The Chiropractic Care You Deserve


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We do a full assessment to find out what is causing your pain.

Create a Treatment Plan

There are no contracts or long-term treatment commitments. You remain in full control throughout the duration of your treatment.

Live a Healthy, Active Life

It is our goal to get you, your family and your pets, free from pain and back to the lifestyle you all deserve.


What our clients have to say


Justin Fernandez

Greatly enjoyed my initial visit with Dr. Mueen Ghoury. He took the time to walk me through some exercises and adjustments to help with a specific problem area. They are a very passionate and knowledgeable team. I will definitely be returning, and highly recommend them.


Tatiana Kitchens

I was looking for something different than my traditional chiropractor, as that never seemed to help me progress. I have a few pain issues including an injury in my knee, and a chronic shoulder pain that worsens with computer use. From the beginning, Dr. Reuben has been so helpful and attentive to what I have going on. In 6 weeks my knee feels ready to take on the world, and my shoulder pain has progressively dissipated. I've been seeing a chiropractor for 20 years, and this practice is my favorite.


Bernard Kim

've had the pleasure of being treated by both Dr. Ruben and Dr. Mueen, and can always count on them for the right advice + treatment therapies to get me back to doing what I love. I've had a nagging shoulder injury that had been coming and going for years since my teen years playing lacrosse. From their chiropractic adjustments, stability rehab programs, and other manual therapy techniques, I can now confidently lift weights and carry out my days without worrying about my shoulder.


Jon Morrison

Dr. Mueen and Dr. Ruben are fantastic chiropractors. Their attention to detail and passion for serving patients is clear and refreshing. I highly recommend their work to anyone in the Santa Rosa area.

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