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Choosing someone to help you with the physical injury or pain you're dealing with can be very hard. Trusting a doctor to be transparent and truthful is even more difficult. Well here are some things to look for when you are in need of a chiropractor in Santa Rosa, California.

Long term plans are a major NO NO. If you are approached to buy a package of treatments for months or years, walk out. Most treatment trials should last 8-12 visits with noticeable improvements visit to visit.

The chiropractor you visit should be asking you about your pain, what you haven’t been able to do because of the pain, and what you want to be able to do once you are pain-free. This could be anything because well your goals are different than mine. Here is an example. “I want to be able to lift the groceries without my shoulder hurting.” That’s a goal and now a benchmark for the doctor to check in on every visit to make sure his/her treatment is the right treatment to administer.

The treatment the doctor administers should be tailored around the previous point. If your goal is carry groceries pain free, the therapy provided should help reduce the pain in the neck +/or arm while providing your proper rehabilitation exercises to make sure you are strong enough to carry the weight you would be carrying with groceries in your hand.

There are so many ways to treat injuries and pain. If your doctor says that he/she can only “fix” the problem with one type of therapy… WALK AWAY, FAST! Doctors should be able to adapt to the patient’s preferences.

Transparency. One of the topics your doctor and you should discuss is the diagnosis and prognosis. “What do you think is going on and how long should I expect for this to heal?” This is a very askable question, do not feel hesitant about it. Patients seem to forget that they are in control of their treatment.

If your chiropractor is primarily selling you supplements to help with your pain, you might be wasting your money. Supplements are just that… they supplement a therapy that should be healing your injured area of complaint. The bulk of time and money spent should be on teaching you how to be INDEPENDENT, not dependent on pills (non-prescription or prescription--not including metabolic conditions like Diabetes).

At Align To Health, we don’t sell treatment plans. We don’t sell supplements that will make your bank account depleted. We don’t rely on one treatment method to help you. But what we do to help you with your area of complaint DOES include--being ethical and patient goal oriented. We are hands on and make sure that we exhaust all of our tools before referring you to another medical practitioner.

We know that we can reduce your pain in a lower number of visits than the next chiropractor in Santa Rosa. We discharge you as soon as you’re able to do the things you came in not being able to do (remember my carrying groceries example). We use a MULTITUDE of therapies in our office. They include--Adjustments (of course), soft tissue therapy (muscle release therapy, trigger points, FAKTR tools, cupping, flossing, and more), exercise protocols developed by world renowned sports physicians (Dr. Stuart Mcgill AKA Mcgill Method, Functional Range Conditioning, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, and traditional strength and conditioning work).

All of the therapies listed most likely mean nothing to someone who isn’t a health professional reading this. How can it help you? That’s where our expertise comes in. We understand where your body currently is and where to start you on the rehab continuum. You won’t have the exact same treatment plan as the next patient, EVER. You will have a personalized plan to help you overcome the pain you are feeling.

At Align To Health, we like to explain and educate so that you can take care of your own body once we discharge you and allow full participation in any activity that might have been causing you pain. If you are reading this and are in physical pain, please look no further! Book now on our website →

We look forward to serving the Santa Rosa community and surrounding Sonoma County cities!